“Other”, A London Vibe



Allow us to take you all the way out to the UK as we introduce “Other”.


“Other” is a London-based collective that produces some of the best articles of contemporary fashion we’ve seen. With a catalog filled with clean, and concise, clothing, this brand instantly caught our attention.


Could you blame them? Take a moment to swipe through the photos above and see for yourself.


Whether they are working on an upper, bottom, or accessory, this brand ensures that they execute their product with the upmost quality and care. Of the items shown, we believe that their ‘World Tour’ tee highlights their brand perfectly.


See Photo 1 for reference.


For starters, it proves that they can produce a graphic-heavy print, regardless of their overall ‘clean’ aesthetic. Also, by offering a large graphic, “Other” is able to target a much broader ‘streetwear’ market, and ultimately, reach more potential buyers. Lastly, everything from the font to the color coding was chosen perfectly.


In fact, this item is so well designed that it looks like it is an actual shirt from a band that is touring.


In all, it’s no surprise how “Other” has generated such a strong, core following. When your products look like these do, anything is possible.


To see what else our friends from the UK have up their sleeve, head over to their page now!