Palasade Gets Drafted By The Major League


Dodgers-Inspired Apparel Bootlegged In The City Of Los Angeles

Palasade Gets Drafted By The Major League


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You can’t spell L.A. without Palasade. Representing their hometown, this unofficial collaboration with the Los Angeles Dodgers is a direct ode to the city they’re from.



Playing at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum since 1962, the Dodgers have since become a staple in ever household within the surrounding area. Not only are they admired, their longstanding history and commitment to the city is something that Palasade replicates in their clothing.


It’s more than just baseball, it’s a mentality.


With this collection, Palasade is making a statement; proving that they are not just another brand—that they are a product of their environment and are here to represent such.



Included in this capsule are graphic tees, crewnecks, and hoodies, with prices ranging from $24-$80 USD.


The entire collection will be available on Palasade’s website at 8PM PST, October 23rd.






Published: October 23rd, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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