Indonesia’s, Perennial Skate Co, Is On Their Grind



Skateboarding meets streetwear in Indonesia’s fashion capital.



Jakarta’s, Perennial Skate Co, Is On Their Grind



For Thursday, June 13th, we bring you Perennial Skate Co, a brand from Indonesia that has been on our radar since the beginning.



As you can tell from the photos above, this brand takes their craft very seriously; ensuring that all products meet, and exceed, the expectations set forth by the streetwear community as a whole.



Since their inception at the end of 2017, Perennial has been able to build a wide range of products, all extremely unique, and challenging, in nature. In terms of an item that stood out the most, their ‘Motor City’ tee pictured in the second photo above had the biggest impact on us.


For one, we thoroughly enjoy their use of ‘space’ with this product. Through proper alignment and a precise layout, the creatives at Perennial we’re able to express an extremely complex graphic in a way that is easily understood and regarded by viewers across all borders.


Also, the combination of text and imagery proves that Perennial can print a wide variety of graphics, regardless of image or subject matter.



In all, the entire Perennial catalog is just as impressive as their ‘Motor City’ tee.


We highly recommend you check out the Perennial Skate Co page in full by following the link below!



Published: June 24th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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