Are You PHUGging Kidding Me?


Dissecting One Of London’s Most Creative Clothing Brands

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Brand: PHUG

By: Pelumi Ogunro


If you had to paint a picture of modern youth in 2020, it would mirror what the brand PHUG has been doing since 2017.


Consisting of Soren Harrison and Amir Hossain, PHUG’s founding duo has been capturing the eyes of many throughout the past few years.


With Soren doing graphic design and Amir focusing on photography/campaign creation, PHUG’s allocation of work has allowed them to create an incredibly intense, yet pleasant, experience for their fans.



‘ALFRED THE 7TH’ – S/S ’19



Whether they release a hoodie with a dissected frog, a t-shirt depicting a gruesome car crash, or a meter long rug of a man’s face, PHUG’s clothing is a colorful display of contradiction.


In terms of the accompanying content, you can expect to find an array of vibrant compositions that showcase their clothing in a captivating manner.






Though their clothing is what people buy, their creative campaigns are what people buy into.


After a long history of ingenious campaigns, Soren and Amir created Bedroom Projects, a directing consultancy that has completed projects for The 1975, BEABADOOBEE, and many others.


Though we could sit here and admire the intricacies of their many videos, pictures, and animations, PHUG’s story is best told through their Instagram and Youtube, both of which provide behind-the-scenes looks on how they’ve built the brand they have today.






With Clairo and Boy Pablo repping PHUG on tour, and over 20,000 people supporting their message, the sky is the limit for this brand.


Soren and Amir have created something bigger than themselves; they truly understand both sides of the same coin.


Who knows how far they’ve come from yesterday or how far they’ll soar tomorrow…for today, all we can do is watch them ascend.





To learn more about this brand and to shop their current selection, head to PHUG’s website now!




Published: May 20th, 2020 | Pelumi Ogunro



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