“PLAGUEROUND”, Seattle’s House Of Customization


“PLAGUEROUND” is a screenprinting and customization brand stemming out of Seattle, Washington.


Their clothes, a combination of chaos and creativity, represent the complete freedom of control this brand has. Whether they are printing ink on a garment or using an airbrush to draw on fabric, the creatives at “PLAGUEROUND” ensure a product that is unique, personal, and one-of-a-kind. Take a moment to gather your thoughts on the images shown above.


Many of those items caught our attention; however, none as strongly as the hoodie shown in the first photo. In terms of such, we thoroughly enjoy how this brand employed numerous methods of personalization.


The first, and most important, customization to point out is the hand-drawn imagery. By drawing their graphics, “PLAGUEROUND” is able to highlight their creativity while easily adding a more ‘personal’ feel to the product.  In a time when machines are printing everything, it is important to retain a humanistic aesthetic we can all relate to.


Speaking of a humanistic aesthetic, “PLAGUEROUND” furthers this approach by using ‘spills’ to color the garment. All in all, this brands extremely unique approach to stylistics is what sets them apart from other brands. We strongly believe everyone needs at least one ‘custom’ to throw into rotation.


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