“POLY”, The Perfect Balance Between ‘Collective’ And ‘Brand’



Learn How This Brand Has Turned Their Platform Into An All-Inclusive Creative Space



“POLY”, The Perfect Balance Between ‘Collective’ And ‘Brand’



With streetwear growing at such an immense rate, it’s fascinating to see what brands do to differentiate themselves from others. The ever-increasing desire to stand out has resulted in streetwear branching into many different avenues, all just as creative as the last.


“POLY” is a brand that isn’t afraid of such change.


Instead of trying to compete solely as a brand, “POLY” has created a platform for like-minded individuals to showcase their creativity. In fact, such opportunities have allowed this collective to impact streetwear on a deeper, more personal level.


When they aren’t spotlighting items from other creatives, “POLY” is crafting explosive collections of their own, captivating apparel. Swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of this collective as a brand.


As you can tell, their products are absolutely stunning. Not only are these items extremely unique, they match in quality to those of big-box suppliers and retailers alike.


Being able to produce such high quality garments, while still maintaining a collective platform, proves that this brand can accomplish anything they put their minds to.


Whether you are looking for some new shirts, accessories, or zines, “POLY” is your one-stop-shop for it all.


To see what else this collective has up their sleeve, head to their page now!


Published: May 1st, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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