“POLYTHENE*”, A Samuel Ross (A-COLD-WALL) Endeavor


You’ve probably heard of “A-COLD-WALL”, but have you of heard of “POLYTHENE*”?


“POLYTHENE*” is the birth child of “A-COLD-WALL” founder, Samuel Ross. With this endeavor, Samuel steps away from his traditional, minimalist approach and, instead, focuses on large-scale graphics that portray ‘industrial’ motifs.


As you can see from the photos above, the products from “POLYTHENE*” match in quality to that of their parent brand. In terms of a specific item, our absolute favorite is their collaboration with “Clot”, shown in the second photo above.


For one, the large-scale graphical display is extremely effective. By printing the images in big, bold stylistics, the creatives at “POLYTHENE*” ensure that their product will capture viewer interest. Upon capturing interest, the graphic is then regarded in full, ultimately allowing viewers to gain a better understanding of the collaborative efforts at hand.


In terms of such collaboration, this brand executed it perfectly. By using a portion of “POLYTHENE*” to spell “CLOTTEE”, this brand ingeniously blended both collectives into one garment. All in all, the product we just mentioned is a great, and effective example on how to properly collaborate with other brands.


Regarding this brand’s collection as a whole, it is everything you’d expect and more. Samuel, on behalf of Groundead, thank you for creating “POLYTHENE*”; streetwear needs more brands like this.


To find out more, head over to their Instagram page listed below.