Indonesia-Based, “Pot Meets Pop” Explores Streetwear Through Denim



Since starting this page, we’ve been able to connect with brands from all of the world; Southeast Asia being one of them.


In general, Indonesia makes the biggest impression on us because they constantly pump out extremely talented creatives and brands alike. Today we are introducing “Pot Meets Pop”, a brand based out of Bandung that produces everything from denim to jackets.


Please take a moment to flip through the photos above and gain a better understanding of this brand. Did any of those items catch your eye? For us, we really enjoy the fact that “Pot Meets Pop” isn’t afraid of ‘branding’ their products.


They don’t shy away from printing large, bold graphics, and as a result, have been able to capture their vision every single time. In fact, the creatives at “Pot Meets Pop” fully understand what it takes to make an impressionable collection, and their skillset allows them to craft whatever they want.


What other ‘streetwear’ brand do you know of that creates their own, unique denim while still pumping out full apparel collections? Our guess would be ‘little to none’.


Such is the power behind “Pot Meets Pop”. This brand can do anything they put their mind to, and they aren’t letting up anytime soon.


We guarantee you will hear more about “Pot Meets Pop” in the coming future.


Jump on board before it’s too late!