“Problem Boy” Is An Absolute Problem For Other Brands


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Photo Nov 20, 10 03 04 PM
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“Problem Boy” is an absolute problem for the entire streetwear community right now. The items coming from this brand are not only chaotically beautiful, they are shattering fashion norms.


What can be describe as punk-inspired overbranding, the creatives at “Problem Boy” focus on creating emotionally-charged garments that fuse grunge with high fashion. In fact, the way in which this brand is pushing fashion forward makes us believe that they deserve a spot on a runaway sometime soon.


The item that makes us believe so is shown in the photo above. As you can tell, the creatives at “Problem Boy” understand what it takes to separate from the herd; their fabrics are unique, their prints are obscure, and their placements are unorthodox.


Anyone else approaching fashion with such stylistics might be seen as ‘crazy’, but when you see how well “Problem Boy” pulls it off, it can only be describe with one word… and that’s ‘genius’. Through approaching fashion in such a unique way, “Problem Boy” has been able to pave their own path and create a legacy in the process.


Other creatives should look to this brand for inspiration on how to properly navigate the world of fashion. We see big things coming from this brand. If you are looking for that perfect, statement item to throw into rotation, then a “Problem Boy” product is what you need.

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