The Rise Of Pseushi, A Brand From The Land Down Under


An Inside Look At Australia’s Favorite Brand



Pseushi is a brand from Australia that has been building momentum ever since their early releases in 2015.


Four years later, and they are able to reflect back on 2019 as a year of expansion; experiencing growth in everything from stockists to collaborations.


With products housed in over six different locations, including areas in New Zealand and Europe, Pseushi is slowly becoming a global brand with worldwide reach.


Even at home in their own country, Pseushi is creating a buzz.


Just last year they teamed up with Australian-powerhouse, StreetX, and created a co-branded pop up event that brought huge crowds and drew the attention of the local police.

Since then, they’ve been constantly working; releasing their 9th collection and solidifying themselves as a brand capable of producing high quality, periodic releases.


With a promising 2019, it will be exciting to see what Pseushi brings to the table in 2020.

To discover more of what they’ve done in the past, head the links below!





Published: January 7th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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