“Public Culture” Effortlessly Navigates Indonesian Streetwear



If there’s one thing that needs to happen, it’s a trip to Indonesia.


Since starting this page, Indonesia has constantly grasped our attention. Brands coming from there are just as unique, and innovative, as brands from Los Angeles, proving that Southeast Asia is at the forefront of streetwear and fashion alike.


If there’s one thing to take away from “Public Culture”, it’s their desire to retain originality. To see some of their products, swipe through the photos we have featured above.


As you can tell, every single one of their products are branded with extremely complex graphics that are original and inherent to this brand. One of our absolute favorite of theirs is the ‘Dysfunctional Dystopia’ Polo shown in the first photo.


For one, we love how this brand didn’t shy away from producing such a complicated print. On top of designing their own, full-color, comic-inspired logo, “Public Culture” went above-and-beyond and printed it using an all-over technique that is extremely difficult to master. The end result is a beautiful matching set of which they offer a top and a bottom that is guaranteed to turn heads.


As with the garment we just mentioned, all of the products coming from “Public Culture” have similar characteristics. This brand’s eye for design, paired with their ability to effectively capture their vision, makes them unstoppable.


Indonesia is doing some crazy things right now!


To learn more about this brand from Jakarta, head to their page!