“Quasi”, Bringing Streetwear Back To The Skateboard


It’s always a breath of fresh air when we get the chance to showcase a skateboarding collective.


Skateboarding is basically the backbone behind the entire industry that we call ‘streetwear’. In fact, there was once a time when this form of fashion was referred to as ‘skatewear’; a term that loosely defined clothing that was generated from street culture. Since then, skateboarding has been keeping their cool; they’ve been letting us run with it, but things are starting to change.


Skateboard brands are beginning to take back what’s rightfully theirs, and “Quasi” is one of them who isn’t letting up anytime soon.


In case you haven’t heard of “Quasi Skateboards” before, swipe through the photos above to see what they’ve been up to. As you can tell, this brand makes just about everything. In terms of their apparel, it’s exactly what you’d expect from a streetwear brand; heavy fabric with intricate designs and bold prints. To top it off, their skateboards are just as impressive.


As with their apparel, the creatives behind “Quasi” focus on crafting boards that have powerful, yet elegant, imagery. Even if you don’t skate, you’d be tempted to hang one on your wall. Such is the genius behind this brand. Their ability to produce high quality apparel alongside fully-functional decks, that are ready to ride, is what impressed us the most.


“Quasi”, thank you for bringing streetwear back to it’s roots.