Let “Raised by Champions” Take Control Of Your Wardrobe


Photo Nov 20, 10 02 08 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 02 11 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 02 14 PM

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and is ready to tackle the week ahead. For us, it’s back to another five days of sending underground streetwear your way.


Here to start us off strong is “Raised by Champions”. “RBC” first landed on our radar with their new “Super Intelligence” collection; some of which is shown above. As you can see, this brand combined a cyber-punk influence with human-inspired undertones to create a blend between man and machine.


In terms of a specific item, we can’t take our eyes off the shirt shown above. The design is a perfect balance between space and placement; allowing every aspect of the graphic to serve its own purpose. Secondly, the complexity of this design is brilliant. What it does is force viewers to regard in the image ‘in-depth’ and, thus, ensures that individuals are acknowledging the graphic in it’s entirety. Talk about making an impression.


Lastly, we love the concepts that were chosen to represent this graphic: Robotics, Anime, Basketball, and Cartoons. Our reason behind mentioning this is because if a “super-intelligence” does exists, it would know and understanding everything… including all that’s represented here in this shirt.


All in all, we believe “Raised by Champions” has clearly defined their place in streetwear. Want to learn more about this brand and see a bunch of other products?

Go here @raisedbychampions and tell them @staygroundead sent you