“Rare Panther” Draws Inspiration From Miles Davis



Allow us to introduce your next favorite brand, “Rare Panther”.


“Rare Panther” has grown exponentially since they first started, and their apparel has become one of the best in streetwear today.


The heavy blended fabric, matched by the bold and thick imagery, allows their products to not only look good, but last forever. Due to their longevity, supporters can rotate “Rare Panther” products long after they were released; which, in a way, helps this brand promote themselves.


Unsure? Take a look at the photos above; the quality is evident. Which product is your favorite? Ours is the ‘Miles Davis’ hoodie shown in the first image above.


Although this is a phenomenal tribute to the late Jazz musician, what we want to talk about here is how this brand uses stylistics to enhance their product. By showing a photo of Miles Davis in what appears to be anguish, this brand is able to instantly convey the ‘tone’ of the garment. On top of that, “Rare Panther” uses typography (‘The Relief Is Coming’) to help characterize their ‘tone’ in hopes of discovering an emotional connection with viewers.


All in all, this brand’s logical approach to crafting products, paired with their eye for quality, places them at the forefront of streetwear.


Now go to their page and see what else they have to offer, you will not be disappointed.


“Rare Panther”, on behalf of Groundead, thank you.