“Reese Cooper”, A Leader In Contemporary Fashion


Allow us to introduce “Reese Cooper”, a designer, and brand, focused on crafting various items of contemporary fashion.


With quality and aesthetic at the forefront of their approach, “Reese Cooper” designs products that combine elegance and culture; branding them with clean, straight-forward graphics that are both meaningful and unique.


Please, take a moment to flip through the photos above to gain a better understanding of this brand. Did any of those items stand out to you?


In terms of a product that caught our attention, the ‘Log Cabin’ hoodie, shown in the first photo above, perfectly highlights this brand’s expertise.


What originally dropped as part of their FW18 collection, this garment is unique in the sense that it targets an industry completely dissociated with fashion; Logging. On top of that, the term ‘Cabin Fever’ is associated with the idea of being indoors for too long, yet, the graphic represents an outdoor cabin in the middle of the woods; not somewhere you would be likely to get stuck indoors.


To top it off, including the floor plan in the graphic was a genius idea. By doing so, “Reese Cooper” makes it appear as though this hoodie is an advertisement for an actual Real Estate company; proving the design was executed flawlessly.


In fact, all of the “Reese Cooper” designs are just as impressive.


If you are looking for clean, casual articles, then “Reese Cooper” should definitely be in your rotation.


To learn more about this brand, and to see what else they’ve done in the past, head to their page now!

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