“Riot Hill” Draws Inspiration From L.A. Streets


The most fascinating part of streetwear is the story it tells, and, depending on where your products originate from, the story may differ.



A kid in America, making products out of their parents’ house, will have an extremely different take on society than the kid dealing with poverty in Saudi Arabia. With that said, the brand shown above uses streetwear to share the chaotic, corrupt, and rebellious nature of Los Angeles.



“Riot Hill” is one of those brands that lets their products speak for themselves. As you can see from the photos shown above, this brand excels at crafting items that use large graphics to portray a grunge-like aesthetic. Whether they are producing apparel or accessories, “Riot Hill” ensures that their products evoke a sense of ‘attitude’.



In terms of specific items, our personal favorite is shown in the first photo above. For one, the typography alludes to similar diction used in riots. With that said, the branding of the hoodie is a great representation of this collective as a whole. By including words such as ‘not safe’ and ‘violence’, this brand is able to take the feelings of being in a riot and blend them into fabric. Such ability to do so has allowed this brand to gain notoriety and build a following.



Their execution is relentless. This brand understands their vision and is letting nothing get in their way. Jump on board now or get left at sea.



Join the Riot today!



Head to their page and see more of what the creatives at “Riot Hill” have been cooking up.