ROKIT Reveals Two Deliveries For Their Holiday Collection, ‘Public Domain’


Real. Ones. Know. It’s. True.

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ROKIT is off to a strong start this season.


By splitting their Holiday ‘19 collection into multiple releases, they bring full attention to some of their most sought-after products.


In their first release, Delivery 1, they introduced an extremely unique graphic that is housed on their Sublime Utility Vest, Rebound Convertible Pant, and two L/S Tees.



Featuring a basketball rim with a net engulfed in flames, this graphic is beyond impactful and is even reintroduced as a t-shirt in Delivery 2.



With their 2nd release, ROKIT shies away from traditional colorways and offers a handful of split garments such as their Halftime Bubble Jacket, Big Sweater, and Launch Pant.



With two-tone pieces alongside other high quality tops, ROKIT offers an entire range of product versatility.


To shop Delivery 1 and Delivery 2 of their Holiday ‘19 collection, head to the ROKIT website now.


Prices range from $55-$300 USD








Published: November 20th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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