“Rottweiler”, Do What Thou Wilt



When it comes to canines, it’s a big dogs world.




“Rottweiler”, Do What Thou Wilt



For those of you who are unfamiliar with “Rottweiler”, allow us to introduce your next favorite brand.


Much like their name, “Rottweiler” operates with that same, ‘top dog’ mentality; allowing nothing to get in the way of their vision. If you are unfamiliar with this collective, take a moment to swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of their overall approach.


As you can tell, this brand excels at crafting unique, intricate designs that instantly grasp your attention. On top of that, we love how ‘different’ each design is.


With a name like “Rottweiler”, they could easily stay within their comfort zone and strictly produce Rottweiler-inspired designs. However, prints such as one shown in the third photo above, prove that this brand would rather let their creativity shine. In fact, such is the power behind this collective.


Their ability to branch out and experiment with a variety of different design-concepts has allowed them to grow immensely; even resulting in collaborations with brands such as @unidentifiedcorp and @herbalnotes.


In all, we truly enjoy this brand in its entirety.


Whether it’s a print that pictures an aggressive dog or one that depicts an Ouroboros, they’ve killed it every time.


To learn more about this brand and to see what else they’ve been working on, head to their page immediately!


Published: April 15th, 2019 | Dalton Oium





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