“Sage Alexander” Brings Streetwear Back To The Core



“Sage Alexander” is one of the most creative individuals in streetwear.


This artist-turned-brand has a hand in the entire creation of his products. From building screens to printing graphics, everything is done in-house. In fact, this brand’s ability to represent fashion as an art form is what we find most fascinating.


A quick glance at the photos above is enough to give you an understanding of this brand’s creativity.


As you can tell, a majority of the products from “Sage Alexander” have a heavy, grunge-like influence. This, in turn, aligns with the overall aesthetic of this brand and, ultimately, helps in conveying the ‘gritty-ness’ of their products. A great example of such is shown in the first photo above.


As pictured, Sage is working on a single-screen, all-over print Blazer that is filled with ‘dark’ imagery such as skulls, spiders, and drug paraphernalia. The reason we chose this image is because it highlights the entire “Sage Alexander” collective in one photo; hands-on creatives, homemade products, with high quality prints.


It is clear that this brand not only cares about their art, but the community they represent as well. Everything from their outerwear to their bags are crafted with passion.


“Sage Alexander” definitely needs to be on your radar. You don’t want to miss their next release.