The Walter Aubrey Thomas Of Fashion



“These ideas just happen to be real, and you could do it too, if you tried”. – Sam Nowell



The Walter Aubrey Thomas Of Fashion



Sam Nowell is a name that England will come to remember.



Based out of Liverpool, Sam focuses on building collections that tell a story. Throughout every stage of creation; from an idea, to design, to presentation, he ensures that his products represent more than just a graphic.


To gain a better understanding of what we’re referring to, swipe through the photos featured above to see some of what he’s done in the past.



As you can tell, Sam is uninterested in trends. Instead, he finds highly original ways to represent topics that aren’t typically covered in streetwear. For instance, his ‘Game, Set, Match’ t-shirt is a great example of such.


Using repetition, Sam was able to take a traditional sport, such as Tennis, and reflect it in a new, captivating way. To help further this idea, he even included one-a-kind tennis balls—adding the perfect, final touch to his Wimbledon-inspired collection.



Whether he is designing a product that features a large, over-sized graphic, or one that portrays a sense of minimalism, you can expect an item that is both unique and meaningful.


To discover more about this designer, head over to Sam’s page immediately.



Published: August 3rd, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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