“Secret Heart” Creates Hand-Drawn Graphics Filled With Anime


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“Secret Heart” is a streetwear collective that centers their brand around the world of anime.


One cool thing about this brand is the fact that they not only create full collections, but also customized, one of one, products. Most brands tend to choose a side: either customized apparel or full size runs, so it is interesting to see a company not only do both, but do it successfully.


In terms of their customized apparel, our favorite are, by far, the personalized jeans for @riconasty For one, printing on denim isn’t quite the same as printing on a blank tee; it’s actually quite difficult. So, to see a brand tackle the challenges of printing on bottoms, and doing so in such an exceptional way, speaks numbers. Also, we love how they took the manga and made it their own; including phrases such as “Secret Heart ????’s Rico Nasty” to add a more personalized touch.


Now, transitioning away from commissioned items, allow us to share with you a product that saw full availability; which is their “Chinatown Market” collaboration shown in the last photo above.


The thing we enjoy most about this collab was the fact that both brands were able to represent themselves to the fullest. “Secret Heart” was able to brand the product using their anime-inspired approach and “Chinatown Market”, being the pranksters that they are, were able to throw their arch-logo on the pants of the character and turn the Japanese-typography into a balloon-type font. All in all, the “Secret Heart” x “Chinatown Market” pieces are a great example of how to properly blend collectives while designing a shared product.


Honestly, if you are a fan of anime and manga, we highly recommend you check out “Secret Heart”. The creatives at this brand literally build their products with you in mind.

To see the full spectrum of what this brand has to offer, head over to their page immediately @shopsecretheart


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