“Shade of Gray” Ends 2018 With A Strong Collection


“Shade of Gray” is one of those brands that shows potential to have a breakthrough year in 2019.


In terms of their 2018 products, this brand explored various stylistics including minimalism, complex-collaging, and reflectivity. In case you haven’t heard of “Shade of Gray” before, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the photos shown above. Did a certain item catch your eye? For us, the shirts shown in photos 4-5 made the strongest impact.


For starters, they are extremely complex. Their ‘Summer in Lagos’ graphic not only encompasses 10+ layers of images, but also includes countless hues of intimate colors. Being able to produce such a complex graphic, with such high level of expertise, shows that this brand can tackle any idea thrown their way. On top of that, it is important to note this products availability. By offering the garment in three different colorways (Red, White, Black), “Shade of Gray” is targeting a much broader audience. Whether you are in the market for a black shirt or that perfect, red, standout garment, “Shade of Gray” has you covered.


In terms of their other products, you will find similar levels of quality and complexity. This brand isn’t afraid to take chances and their collection highlights their ability to do so. We highly recommend you keep this brand on your radar.


To do so, and to see more of their products, head to their page now!