“Shoeuzi”, The Future Of Home Goods


One of the most fascinating aspects of streetwear has been the emergence of accessories and home goods. A few years ago, you could only find select brands featuring such items; however, the once niche market has transitioned into an entire industry that solely produces such products. One of the leading and most innovative brands within such industry is “Shoeuzi”.


“Shoeuzi” is a brand started by London-based artist “j-ldn.” that centers themselves around the idea of converting sneakers into Uzis. How do they do it? To see the process, take a moment and swipe through the photos above.


As you can tell, the creatives at “Shoeuzi” dedicate enormous amounts of time, energy, and passion in order to bring their creations to life. On top of that, their attention to detail and eye for design are unmatched. For example, their ‘Off White Uzi’, based off of Virgil Abloh’s collaborative work with “Nike”, is a perfect match in regard to the shoe it was designed from. “Shoeuzi” not only included Virgil’s zip-tie and stylistic ‘quotes’, they even referenced his orange ‘patch’ by color-coding the trigger to portray the same hue.


In all honesty, every single Uzi is a 10/10. You, hands down, will not find another product like these. In case you are looking for that ‘perfect’ home accessory, look no further. “Shoeuzi” is the future of home decor.


What shoe do you think this brand should reference next?


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