Enter The World Of “SICK MIND”


“SICK MIND” is an artist that constantly captures our attention.


Through various modes of art, this creative successfully paints intricate, yet captivating, designs on any piece of fabric he can get his hands on. To see some of what “SICK MIND” has created in the past, swipe through the photos above.


As you can see, much of the products from “SICK MIND” are a combination of beauty and chaos. Such stylistics, like the hand-painted graphics, help in portraying this individual’s ‘creativity’, as they can only be accomplished through a hands-on, personal approach to branding. In terms of an item that highlights this artist’s ability to create exceptional products, the ‘Joker’ pants in the first photo are a great example of such.


For starters, it is extremely difficult to paint an all-over print with such accuracy. Being able to do so, with such minimal room for error, proves that “SICK MIND” knows, and understands, how to work with any medium, including denim. On top of that, by using the ‘Joker’, “SICK MIND” is able to tap into various markets other than just streetwear. Any ‘Batman’ fan, regardless of their knowledge in fashion, would see these and become instantly intrigued.


Lastly, we can’t help but point out the ingenious rip in the denim. By tearing a small portion of the pants, “SICK MIND” is able to fully represent the ‘Joker’, with his sliced open mouth, and take this design to a whole new level.


All in all, this artist’s ability to create products that have the potential to reach further than fashion is what we find most fascinating.


“SICK MIND” you are one crazy human.


To see more of what this creative has been up to, head to their page now!