“Slushcult”, Re-Introducing The 90’s Through Fashion



“Slushcult” is a brand that made a huge impression on us during Agenda Las Vegas.


Their friendly, 90’s inspired, booth not only evoked nostalgia, but also perfectly represented this brand as a whole. To see some of what they have to offer, swipe through the photos above.


As you can tell, color plays a huge role in the “Slushcult” collective. Everything from their apparel to their accessories are coded using vibrant hues of Pink, Blue, and Orange. In fact, this brand uses color as a way to grasp attention. You simply can’t walk by a “Slushcult” item without it catching your eye. Plus, once they’ve gained your interest, it’s game over.


One look at their graphics and you are instantly drawn in. Did you see that Big Pun-inspired graphic? The details are insane. They even iterated the lyrics to better reflect the “Slushcult” brand.


There is nothing that this collective can’t do. The creatives at “Slushcult” are original, genius, and above all, unstoppable. Their desire to separate themselves from others is insane. We can’t wait to see what this brand brings to the table next.


It was nice catching up with you guys, until next time.


To see more of what “Slushcult” has to offer, head to their page now!