“Soto Gang” Claims ‘God Is A Woman’


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Next on our list of upcoming and underground streetwear brands is “Soto Gang”.


“Soto Gang” is a mixed-media collective that creates everything from tattoos to apparel. In fact, much of their apparel is reflective of the tattoo culture. As you can see above, this brand isn’t afraid to branch out and try new graphics to reach a broader audience. On top of that, they are also keen to collaborations, which is essential to pushing the industry forward.


In terms of a specific product, we really enjoy the shirt shown above. Our reason is simple; it’s controversial. By using a large graphic showing a neck tattoo that reads “God is a woman”, this brand is able to quickly, and easily, spark conversation.


In streetwear, conversation is everything. In fact, even in the age of digital technology, word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to spread a message. By constructing a graphic that people may find controversial, “Soto Gang” is able to make various impressions while still remaining relevant. Another important aspect of this brand that we find beneficial is their strive to be ‘different’ from others.


Look at the photo below; how many other brands have you seen print pink graphics on pink fabric? Our guess is “very little”.

Which proves our point; this brand isn’t afraid to take chances and break norms to portray their ideas. They have a clear vision and they chase it wholeheartedly.

If you need some inspiration or just want to see some cool ass tattoos, make sure you go to their page and see their posts @soto.gang