Maneuvering Through Reality-Based Concepts From Spacejunk


How One Brand Is Using Denim To Capture Our Journey Through Life



Spacejunk is a clothing brand based out of Manhattan, NY that was founded by artist, musician, and designer, Draw.


Having started with one-of-one, handmade products, Spacejunk has since transitioned into experimental, concept-based designs; most of which feature detailed imagery of space and nature.


Spacejunk garments have been hand crafted using various techniques learned on their “Titan-Earth 1997 injection” journey from Titan circa 2400 to Earth circa 2000.


Using denim to capture their vision, this brand has outlined an entire range of pants that are unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Valley Denim Concept


From rocket launches and moon phases to spewing lava and looming valleys, Spacejunk is able to capture the essence of life in incredible detail.


Even with simpler concepts, such as their Bonsai pant, this brand ensures that their products evoke a sense of natural connectedness.


Bonsai Denim Concept


In fact, such is the power behind this brand. They don’t just design; they use their products to capture humanities journey throughout the 21st century.


With several concepts currently in production and others seeking feedback, head to Spacejunk’s Instagram to see what else this brand has in mind.






Published: February 24th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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