“Spaghetti Boys” Blend Childhood With Culture



“Spaghetti Boys” is a brand that perfectly represents underground streetwear.


Their creatives, which consists of highly-influential artists, speak directly to the youth of today. In case you are unfamiliar with the “Spaghetti Boys” movement, take a look at the photos above.


As you can tell, their apparel is a combination of high quality fabric, complex designs, and heavy branding. That, in combination with their outward-thinking, allows this brand to directly target the culture they exist within. In terms of a specific product, our personal favorite is shown in the first photo above.


For starters, the product looks ‘fun’. Not only is the fabric a ‘friendly’ tone, the graphic depicts hand-drawn art that many of us can relate to. In fact, we bet your high-school papers have similar graffiti on them. Had the “Spaghetti Boys” included real, professional graffiti, the product would look less familiar to viewers, and ultimately, result in fewer connections.


As with the product we just mentioned, all of the “Spaghetti Boys” items are similar in expertise. This brand’s ability to break down complex ideas, and turn them into fun, relatable concepts is what we find most fascinating.


Looking for a graphic-heavy brand that is at the forefront of culture? “Spaghetti Boys” is where you should start.


Now, go to their page and see what other products they’ve produced!