“Sputnik 1985”, The Forefront Of Moscow Streetwear



The best part about this platform is the fact that we connect with creatives from all over the world. At Groundead we strive to highlight, and encompass, streetwear in it’s entirety and, thus, showcase brands regardless of their location.


Today we bring you “Sputnik 1985”, a brand based out of Russia that offers worldwide shipping on all of their products. By doing so, this brand alleviates barriers and, ultimately, allows their products to become available to a more ‘global’ marketplace. Such is important as it has allowed them to not only grow in popularity, but in creativity as well.


Through constantly challenging themselves, the creatives at “Sputnik 1985” have been able to push the boundaries of Russian streetwear and, in turn, secure the future of their collective. If you haven’t heard of this brand before, take a quick look at the photos above to gain an understanding of their products.


As you can see, their branding is exact and their margin of error is minimal. Whether you are looking for a knit sweater (as shown in third photo) or a new belt (as shown in the fifth photo), “Sputnik 1985” ensures a product that exceeds your expectations.


With worldwide shipping on all their products, there’s no excuse why you can’t support this brand. Better yet, if you live in Russia, head to Moscow immediately and pay them a well-deserved visit.


“Sputnik 1985” thank you for setting an unprecedented example of Russia’s streetwear.



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