“STATE” Displays New York Roots Throughout Entire Collection


Photo Nov 20, 10 02 49 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 02 51 PM
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Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Here to start us of strong is “STATE”.


“STATE” is a New York-based collective that recently landed on our radar when we stumbled across the hoodie shown in the photo above. The reason we enjoy this brand so much is because their graphics are entirely original.


With that being said, the creatives at “STATE” focus on representing their ideas in a way that is both unique and individualistic. Even when they build graphics using outside imagery, this brand ensures that they portray those images using their own, personal approach. An evident example of this is shown in the second photo above.


Notice how they are using images and diction from US currency. Although the designs are not entirely inherent to this brand, they make sure to portray their message in an original way. Had they simply printed a photo of the hundred dollar bill and left it as is, the design would lack originality. Instead, the team at “STATE” tapped into their stylistic expertise and presented this graphic in a logical, ‘top-down’ type of way.


Lastly, and most importantly, this brand shows love to their hometown. Their ‘Run NYC’ retro-inspired marathon tee is a perfect example of how to represent the Big Apple. For a city full of dreamers who are constantly chasing their goals, this tee serves as reminder to keep pushing toward achievements.


In our opinion, this brand deserves way more than a feature. Do you think they belong in the Archive? Let us know!

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