Stingwater, Empty Your Mind



They don’t want you to groe



Stingwater, Empty Your Mind



Here to jumpstart our week is Stingwater, a brand that differentiates themselves through their upbeat, friendly aesthetic.


In case this is your first time Groeing, swipe through the photos above to see some of what this brand has done in the past.



As you can tell, Stingwater is fueled by creativity. Whether they are producing shirts, hoodies, or accessories, this brand finds unique, original ways to build and tackle their ideas. In terms of a product that stood out to most, their backpacks made the biggest impression on us.


Available in multiple colorways


Featuring First Lady, Michelle Obama, this all-over, ‘tabloid print’ bag is unlike anything we’ve seen before.


On top of the captivating imagery, this backpack features an extremely thick embroidery, in which ‘Woman’ is branded across the top. By embroidering a tangible ‘text’ on top of other, non-tangible words, Stingwater is able to create a dichotomy between mediums that, stylistically, draws viewer attention.


In addition to what’s mentioned, this bag is fully-functional and ready-to-wear. No longer do you have to sacrifice fit for function; Stingwater has found a way to combine the two, allowing for products to look good and last forever.



Don’t just take our word for it; head to their page and see for yourself.


There’s no telling what they’re up to this time around.



Published: May 28th, 2019 | Dalton Oium





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