Stingwater’s Latest Collection Draws Inspiration From Everyday Life


A Series Of Winter Graphics, 2020



A new collection from Stingwater, ‘A Series Of Winter Graphics’, showcases a handful of products that portray images of everyday life.


With items centered around animals, fruit, and cigarettes, this collection instantly grasps viewer attention as many of the graphics depict objects that are familiar to us.


For example, their ‘Lemon Sting’ t-shirt is directly influenced by Essentia Alkaline Water; a worldwide brand of bottled water that is commonly found at convenience stores.


Lemon Sting T-Shirt

Price: $40 USD


Replacing Essentia’s slogan ‘Hydration Perfected’ with their own catchphrase ‘It Stings The Face’, Stingwater ultimately adds an original, unique twist without sacrificing the integrity of their inspiration.


In fact, all of the items in this collection feature ingenious takes on classic imagery.


Bottle Cap T-Shirt

Price: $40 USD


Plus, with every item available in multiple colorways, there are plenty of combinations to choose from.


Head to Stingwater’s website to see which options you like best!





Published: January 13th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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