Miami-Based, “Stray Rats” Is Next Up


“Stray Rats” is a Miami-based collective that is making waves right now.


Not only do they have an unforgettable collection, they consistently find new ways to approach items. On top of that, everything they produce is extremely high in quality and complexity, allowing them to fully represent their creativity on fabric.


Even their accessories and home goods are crafted with uniqueness. To see some of their products, swipe through the photos above. As you can tell, this brand’s creativity and originality is what separates them from others.


Who else have you seen create a theological Rat tapestry? Or land a New Balance collaboration? Exactly.


“Stay Rats” clearly understands what it takes to create strong, impressionable items. In fact, this brand’s ability to make such ‘impressions’ has helped them grow immensely. Even their use of the term, and imagery, involving ‘rats’ draws the attention of onlookers.


If there’s one thing to learn from a brand like “Stray Rats”, it’s this: Embody your creativity. This brand not only pushes fashion forward, they set new precedents for upcoming brands.


To learn more about this ‘Sunshine State’ collective, head to their page now.