LA-Based “Superrradical” Speaks Directly To The Youth



“Superrradical” is a clothing brand that was started by serial-entrepreneur, @tylergrosso


Based out of Los Angeles, this brand has been able to infiltrate the streetwear industry through various celebrity profiles, including Lil Peep, Pouya, and Post Malone. That, and their relentless production of bootlegged graphics has earned the “Superrradical” collective a notorious reputation among the youth of today.


In case you haven’t heard of this brand before, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the photos shown above.


As you can tell, the creatives at “Superrradical” know what they are doing. Their products not only grasp attention, they evoke emotion. One example of such is the hoodie featured in the first image above.


Their Monopoly-inspired ‘Go To Hell’ hoodie is powerful. Not only does the tie-dye fabric instantly draw you in, the graphic raises suspicion as it causes nostalgia upon viewing. By iterating the ‘Go To Jail’ Monopoly logo to reflect a more devil-like aesthetic, “Superrradical” is blurring the lines between jail and hell; leaving viewers to wonder which is worse.


Along with the hoodie we just mentioned, all of the “Superrradical” products are just as strong. If you are looking for edgy, dark-inspired graphics that challenge conventional fashion, then this brand should be on your radar.


“Superrradical” uses fabric as a medium to speak for the youth of today.


Coming off a widely successful 2018, we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table for the new year. To see more of the “Superrradical” collection, head to their page now!