“Surf is Dead” Rides To The Top With Trippy, Psychedelic Graphics



“Surf is Dead” is a brand that consistently captures our attention.


Since we first discovered them, they have rolled out some of the most interesting designs we’ve seen in a long time. Take a moment and glance at the photos we’ve featured and see for yourself. Did any item catch your eye? By far, our absolute favorite is their ‘Acid Surf’ t-shirt shown in the first image above.


For one, it highlights this brand’s ability to remain ‘relevant’. In 2018, we saw a huge influx of both Disney and Psychedelic-inspired designs, and by blending both aspects into one graphic, the creatives at “Surf is Dead” we’re able to offer a product that perfectly captures the culture it exists within.


On top of that, this brand’s ability to produce complex graphics with the utmost quality is an aspect we admire. Often times, we see brands limit their potential by staying within their ‘comfort zone’ and not challenging themselves. Instead, “Surf is Dead” fully embodies their creative-potential and, by doing so, have been able to see growth both personally, and professionally.


All in all, “Surf is Dead” understands what it takes to create longevity within the world of fashion. If nothing else, they should be looked at as a source for inspiration.


Honestly, this brand is exactly what streetwear needs.


To see more of what they have to offer, head to their page immediately!