“Taka Original”, The Home Of Non-Conventional Streetwear



“Taka Original” is a brand that separates themselves through their high quality products and technical pieces.


All of their items, including their handbags, are crafted with the upmost precision and reflect zero margins of error. In case you are unfamiliar with this brand, take a moment to swipe through the photos above.


As you can tell, “Taka” doesn’t just slap a logo on a blank garment and call it a day. Instead, the creatives at “Taka” pride themselves through their non-conventional modes of branding and, thus, are not afraid to step outside the box. Plus, judging by the first photo above, such is evident.


Their ‘Iterator’ M41 Bomber Jacket is a direct ode to this brand’s originality. For one, the attached ‘Mechanism—Centre’ bag is a stylistic we have never seen utilized. By attaching the bag on each side of the jacket, “Taka” is creating a protrusion that grasps viewer attention. On top of that, the bag provides extra concealment and, ultimately, improves the overall functionality of the jacket. Want to see the back? Swipe to the second photo above. As you can tell, “Taka” continues to push the limits of technicality.


All in all, this brand’s ability to execute their vision is unmatched. Us at Groundead cannot wait to see what the future holds for “Taka Original”. When you create products as good as the ones shown above, the possibilities are endless.


Go show your support and head to their page now!