“TEIN” Uses Over-Embroidery To Create ‘Motion’


Photo Nov 20, 10 01 23 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 01 25 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 01 28 PM

The streetwear customization game has been going crazy lately! It seems like just yesterday the ‘cut & sew’ parade came through and now we are starting to see a wave of airbrush tees, so, what’s next?


“The End is Near” is what’s next. “TEIN” is a brand that focuses on customization through over-embroidery. What is that, exactly? Have a look at the photos above and see for yourself.


As you can see, over-embroidery is an extremely unique and new approach to customization. Instead of having a clean, professional embroidery, “TEIN” purposely allows their products to look ‘unfinished’ and, thus, leaves various strands of thread hanging from their designs. But this doesn’t just look cool, it serves a purpose as well.


For many designers, a strong graphic is one that has a sense of ‘movement’; which is used to draw viewers into their designs. Well, for “TEIN”, the ‘movement’ in their graphics is created by the individuals wearing their products. While wearing a “TEIN” product, whenever an individual changes positions they are literally changing the design. Plus, not only does this style of customization easily create ‘movement’, it also grasps viewer attention almost immediately.


To us at Groundead, this is an extremely unique and interesting approach to fashion. Honestly, this has got us extremely excited. We love to see fashion evolving, especially streetwear.

“The End is Near”, thank you for keeping things interesting @teinclothing