“Thames”, London-Based Collective Targeting UK Streetwear

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London has been pumping out some of the best streetwear we’ve seen in a while. Being based in the US, we find it fascinating to see what other countries are doing with the culture.


“Thames”, a London-based collective, is one of those brands that captures our fascination with everything they produce. As you can tell, “Thames” takes the craft very seriously. In terms of a specific item, our favorite is shown in the photo above.


For one, the subject is brilliant. Princess Diana, who was part of the British Royal Family, is a big part of the London culture and subculture. By using a print of Princess Diana, “Thames” easily breaks the barrier between the streetwear and non-streetwear community and, thus, offers a product that is relatable to everyone.


Not only that, the color-coding fits perfectly in line with the garment. For example, the white of the dress effortlessly blends with the color of the fabric; bringing predominance to Diana’s face and the “Thames” backdrop. Through designing the graphic in such way, the creatives at “Thames” have the ability to guide, and direct, viewer attention.


Another product of “Thames” that we’d like to quickly mention is their ‘Thames London’ shirt shown in the second photo above.


As with the hoodie, this shirt is used to target a wider audience and expand this brands reach-ability.


All in all, this brands ability to create graphics that represent more than ‘streetwear’ is what we admire the most. If there’s one thing to learn from “Thames” it’s this: Don’t box yourself in. Instead, focus on how you can use design to attract a wider audience.

Okay, we’ll stop blabbering…but only if you go to their page and pay them a visit! @thames