CHIMP Digs Through Their Past To Build A Graphic Spring/Summer ’20 Collection


“What do you call a global warming joke with a bad punchline?”

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With over two decades under their belt, The Chimp Store has a deep rooted appreciation of every facet of the space in which they operate.


Having been lifelong fans of the brands they stock and their surrounding culture, well before terms such as streetwear had become commonplace, it was this love that sparked the idea that became The Chimp Store over 20 years ago.



Yorkshire Rose Hoodie

Price: $56 USD



In the past CHIMP have offered, and continue to offer, a range of basic staples such as heavyweight sweats and premium cotton t shirts, which many of their customers update their wardrobes with on a regular basis.


We are pleased to present the next natural step into the development of the in house CHIMP brand.



Always Negative Results Tee

Price: $31 USD


Working collaboratively, The Chimp Store team came together to produce a range of graphic goods under the CHIMP brand that reflects their long standing appreciation of what is now known as ‘streetwear culture’.


Taking a more graphic lead approach than previous seasons, the collection plays on topical discussion points, communicating them through accessible imagery and playful slogans.



Cop Car HoodieLeading The World Tee

Price: $56 USD | $31 USD



Stepping away from CHIMP branding, but still packed full of the stores DNA, this range of goods aims to evoke a level of nostalgia for those who have been in this as long as they have, whilst to those the store may be new to, we’re pleased to introduce you to the CHIMP brand.


Across a range of heavyweight hoodies and premium cotton t shirts, the full SS20 collection is available now through CHIMP’s website.


All that’s left to do is pick your favorite.


Prices range from $31-$56 USD


All photography courtesy of The Chimp Store






Published: March 25th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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