What I Learned From A Day Within The Mind Of Bobby Hundreds



“I’m like Larry David on Molly” – Bobby Hundreds



What I Learned From A Day Within The Mind Of Bobby Hundreds



The Hundreds owner, Bobby Kim, tells a tantalizing story about victory and defeat in his recent novel This Is Not A T-Shirt: A Brand, A Culture, A Community.



Having grown up as the middle child in a Korean-immigrant household, Bobby shares the struggles he faced as a young adolescent—using music, skateboarding, and art as a way to find purpose in his community.


“I was a fan, then I was a student”


Ever since he can remember, Bobby was infatuated with drawing. This skill would eventually lead him to create his first ever collection, which un(fortunetly), taught him the importance of ‘red flags’, trust, and friendship. Having learned a hard lesson, one that would cost them their entire investment, Bobby and Ben (Ben Shenassafar) decided to focus on quality instead of price; an aspect of their brand that is still practiced today.



Having built a strong vision, fan-base, and plan, Bobby explains the struggles of growing The Hundreds while still remaining true to their audience. He offers unbiased insight on wholesale, licensing, identity, and transparency; sharing personal, up-close, examples of each.


“There are a million solutions to every problem, it just depends on how you look at it”


Ultimately, this book offers readers a chance to learn more about the skills it takes to navigate the world of streetwear. It questions authority, demands answers, and shows that even a rural kid from Riverside can change the world.




     Hopefully my employer isn’t reading this; I called out ‘sick’ today. Little do they know, instead of taking medicine I buried my head inside this book and read it from front-to-back…frankly because nobody reads from back-to-front unless its Manga.


Anyway, I don’t really know where to start. I guess I’d like to say thanks to Bobby, as this book is exactly what I hoped it would be… and more. It offers laughter, encouragement, and even tears.


“The fastest way to grow is by leaving your comfort zone”


This beautiful, personal account of how Bobby has grown his brand is beyond inspiring. He talks about the importance of envisioning before acting, starting small, experimenting, and growing with authenticity. He even touches on the belief of building a community, telling a story, and fulfilling a purpose.


“Real artists make the world look better, not themselves”


“The purpose of every generation—in streetwear and in life—is to make things better and easier for the next generation”


“When a wave rolls in, you ride it all the way until it coughs you up on the sand”


“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And then you either die a villain, or you live long enough to see yourself become the hero again”


“Everything is but two sides of the same coin”



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Title: This Is Not A T-Shirt: A Brand, A Culture, A CommunityLife In Streetwear
Author: Bobby Hundreds

(P.S. If you can’t afford this book, please DM me, I will give you mine)



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