The Hundreds x Obsidian Collective Draw Awareness To Human Rights


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Indigenous Peoples’ Day Overshadows Columbus Day Through Collaborative Efforts

The Hundreds x Obsidian Collective Draw Awareness To Human Rights



To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, The Hundreds has teamed up with Obsidian Collective, an organization aimed at empowering indigenous communities throughout the United States.


Obsidian Polar Fleece

Price: $99 USD


As seen through their tactical vest, resistant gear, and graphic tees, this collaboration highlights the ill-effects that indigenous people have faced trying to protect their native land. Not only have their territories been ripped and renamed (Tongva Land – Los Angeles, Treaty 6 – Canada), they’ve been completely erased from history due to American holidays such as Columbus Day.


In hopes of shifting the narrative to a more positive light, Obsidian is using their products as a way to share the stories of Native Americans living in the 21st century. Their collaboration with The Hundreds is just one of the many things they are doing to raise activism.


Resistance Hoodie

Price: $89 USD


Interested in learning more about Obsidian? Join them on their west coast tour as they visit cities such as Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, and Vancouver!


To shop their collaboration with The Hundreds, click here.


Prices range from $10-$119 USD.



Published: October 15th, 2019 | Dalton Oium





Visit the Obsidian Collective website!



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