This Robot Spider Dress Is Controlled By Your Mind


Blending Technology And Clothing To Create Fashion For Future Generations



Brand: Anouk Wipprecht

By: Dalton Oium


As we slowly transition into the future of wearables, technology and clothing will become so integrated that we will control our outfits with our thoughts.


That is exactly what designer Anouk Wipprecht has done with the Spider Dress. With an Intel Edison smart chip, the Spider Dress uses bio-signals and biofeedback to record the user’s movement and mental state. By detecting an unpleasant, stressed, or angered mind, the dress will protect the user’s personal space by extending it’s six mechanical arms as a defense mechanism.


In addition to providing some well needed personal space, the future of this technology is incredible. By reading bio-signals such as heartbeats, brain activity, and distraction levels, it’s possible that the device can predict rises in blood pressure, heart attacks, and panic attacks well before the wearer is affected. Ultimately, the type of system implemented in the Spider Dress knows you better than you know yourself.


When asked about the future of tech clothing, Wipprecht concludes:


“When you wear a design that you are party in control of and that partly controls you–or that is partly controlled by your surroundings and partly controlled by your subconscious, you start to question where you end and the system begins.”




Published: January 2nd, 2020 | Dalton Oium


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