“Tired”, Redefining Fashion Through Deconstruction



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“Tired”, Redefining Fashion Through Deconstruction



If you are a fan of deconstructed apparel, meet “Tired”.


“Tired” is a brand that completely redefines fashion. Their ideas are genuine, creativity—endless, and their products are insane.


Take a moment to flip through the photos above and see for yourself.


Similar to Greg Lauren, “Tired” shatters all preconceived notions in terms of what it means to create a garment. In fact, this brand continuously pushes their creativity by attempting to craft items that have never been made before.


Did any of the products above catch your attention? For us, the jacket in the first photo blew our minds.


Constructed from M-51 Field Jackets, West African Indigo Hand-Dyed Fabric, a Canadian Combat Shirt, and Cargo Pants, this product is unlike anything we’ve seen before. On top of being entirely unique, this item functions as though it were an actual Jacket; keeping you, and your possessions, safe and secure. To top it off, you never have to worry about seeing someone with the same outfit as you.


If you are looking for an item that differentiates you from everyone, we recommend shopping the “Tired” catalog. Each, and every item that this brand creates makes us smile.


“Tired”, thank you for pushing the boundaries of creativity and fashion alike.


Published: April 10th, 2019 | Dalton Oium







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