A Gallery Worth Of Products From TONY TAFURO


How one brand merges stylistics to appeal to wider audiences.



A Gallery Worth Of Products From TONY TAFURO



Tony Tafuro is an artist that uses fabric as a way to reflect his mindset.


As seen through his chaotic drawings, obscure dyes, and thought-provoking imagery, Tafuro stops for nothing when it comes to capturing his vision. To see some of what TONY TAFURO has done in the past, swipe through the photos we have featured above.


As you can tell, this brand is a hybrid between custom, 1 of 1, items and traditional size runs; attracting the likes of both communities at once.


In order to do so, Tafuro brands his products accordingly; using fabric markers for the customs and a screen printer for sized runs. Regardless of his technique, the finalized product is a complete work of art.



In fact, such is the power behind this brand. Their ability to openly-create, without sacrificing their core following, is what sets TONY TAFURO apart from others.


Much like a painting, items from TONY TAFURO are complex, insightful, and stunning.



Tony, on behalf of GROUNDEAD, thank you for sharing your brilliance with the world.



To learn more about TONY TAFURO, head to their page now!



New products release June 1st.



Published: May 30th, 2019 | Dalton Oium







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