“Under Construction” Builds Thought-Provoking Collection



The brand we are featuring today doesn’t just make clothes because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. Instead, “Under Construction” uses their platform to inspire others.


Their apparel, much reflective of their brand name, is constantly building in concept and complexity. Such is important, as having growth is essential to scaling within the streetwear industry. One product that stood out to us is their “Self Preservation” shirt shown in the first photo above.


Based on the Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud, this graphic is representative of his ‘human nature’ philosophy, in which, Freud outlines various constructs that make us ‘human’. On top of perfectly capturing his beliefs, the complexity of this graphic reflects Freud’s intricate character as well. Through repetition and font-stylistics, the creatives at “Under Construction” have painted a complete picture of Freud’s unique mindset.


Lastly, by offering products such as the one we have just described, this brand is spreading awareness and providing information to individuals all over the globe. It is important that brands offer thought-provoking products as those are the type of items that spark change in the world.


Whether or not you agree with Freudian-ideology, it is still important that we highlight key, influential figures within our society. “Under Construction”, thank you for challenging yourselves and inspiring others along the way.


To learn more about their journey, head to their page now!