CIA & Population Control on Display in New Items From Unidentified Corporation


A mixture of thought-provoking graphics intertwined with summer classics



Brand: Unidentified Corporation

By: Dalton Oium


Unidentified Corporation wants to do more than defund the police department, they are calling for total abolition of the CIA.


Along with questioning the importance of the government, this collection houses a graphic tee that portrays citizens being controlled by a puppeteer; representing the belief that many of our actions are influenced by people in extremely high places of power.


In addition the products mentioned above, you will also find a more casual, summer approach with items such as their ‘Bright Logo’ crewneck and camouflage shorts.



With prices ranging from $30-$52 USD, this 8-piece collection will be available exclusively through


WHEN: August 1st @ 10AM PST




Published: August 1st, 2020 | Dalton Oium


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