Inside Unidentified Corporation’s Mini-Drop


Available November 16th @ 10AM PST

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Fresh off the release of their Fall 2019 collection, Unidentified Corporation is back with a new set of products.


Included in this capsule is an embroidered logo hoodie and three graphic tees—one of which features the return of their Gucci Mane, ‘So Icy’, tee in forest green.


So Icy Tee

Price: $28 USD


On top of offering one of their most sought after products in a new, exclusive colorway, Unidentified Corporation is also using this drop to experiment with new graphics such as their WWE-inspired tee shown below.


Hell In A Cell Tee

Price: $28 USD


Using an image from The Undertaker’s 20th anniversary Hell In A Cell match with Mick Foley (Video), this tee captures a moment in history that many of us recall from our childhood.


Looming above the cage as paramedics rush to the aid of his opponent, The Undertaker’s ominous figure is perfectly matched by the dark crowd and even darker garment.


This tee is a must-have for anybody who grew up watching Pay-Per-View wrestling.


Available now, these products are being sold directly through Unidentified Corporation’s website.


Prices range from $28-$64 USD






Published: November 16th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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