San Diego’s “Unidentified Corporation” Has Unforgettable Catalog



“Unidentified Corporation” is a California-based brand that has been on our radar since the beginning.


One thing we really enjoy about “Unidentified” is their versatility. After watching them drop a few collections, it is clear that this brand easily adapts to the ever-changing world of fashion.


They’ve went from basic shirts to technical outerwear, all while experiencing constant, creative-progression. Curious? Swipe through the photos above and see for yourself.


As you can tell, the creatives at “Unidentified Corporation” have an eye for design. In specific, the shirt in the first photo above is a great example of such.


Notice the focal point. Viewers are instantly drawn to the smiley face in the center of the garment. This is important as it is used to influence the remainder of the graphic. Do you see it? Everything from the font to the imagery reflects a fun, easy-going aesthetic. Even the colors are reflective of happiness.


This brand’s ability to comprehensively build a graphic is unmatched. Their vision is clear, their ideas are genuine, and they put passion first. Literally nothing can stop “Unidentified Corporation”.


They are one of our favorite brands and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the table in 2019.


Here’s your chance to support streetwear’s next biggest thing.