“Unisex Gun Club”, A Calibrated Shot At Apparel



For those of you who haven’t seen this brand before, welcome to the world of “Unisex Gun Club”.


Fresh off their collaboration with “Half Evil”, this brand is set for an extremely invigorating year. Take a moment to swipe through the photos above as we look back at what they’ve created in the past.


As you can tell, much of their products center around firearms and other weapon-related propaganda.


Of the products we’ve featured, which item had the biggest impact on you? For us, the shirt shown in the first photo above was the most intriguing.


For starters, we love how this brand included more than just a pistol in their graphic. By printing additional information, such as the warning label and chamber count, “UGC” is able to make their design appear as though it is an actual advertisement for a handgun.


On top of that, their careful choice of fabric color brings this design full-circle. By printing their graphic on a color we associate with our military, “UGC” is able to use ‘recollection’ as a way to enhance viewer experiences. With that said, viewers are inherently drawn to such product as it reflects an object and color we often see associated with each other.


In all, the creatives at “Unisex Gun Club” clearly understand what it takes to craft unforgettable pieces.


To see more of what they’ve been working on, head to their page now!


Plus, make sure you check out their new collaboration that just dropped, the products are insane.