“URLA”, Representing The Underrated In Los Angeles



If you haven’t heard of “URLA”, allow us to introduce you to this brand.


Based out of Los Angeles, “URLA” uses their originality, and collaborations, to constantly capture the culture they exist within. In fact, this brand has scored collaborations with the likes of @murs316 and @zacftp; two icons who have Los Angeles deeply rooted in them. By working with individuals from their city, “URLA” has been able to expand their community presence and, ultimately, enact positive change throughout the process.


In case this is your first time hearing about “URLA”, swipe through the photos above to see some of their best products.


As you can tell, much of the items from “URLA” house meaningful, high quality graphics that are inherent to this brand and their creatives. In fact, such originality helps their products reach supporters on a more personal level, where individuals connect with the product in a deep, meaningful way.


At least that’s how we felt when we saw that ‘Support Your Homies’ shirt. Such a strong, powerful message that is often overlooked in the creative field.


Basically, what we’re saying is this: If you are looking for a real brand, with real creatives, who have a real purpose, then look no further.


“URLA”, streetwear needs more brands like yours.


Your genuine, authentic approach to the craft is unmatched.


Thank you.






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